Major update day

7/1/11 4:25 PM CEST

Today is a big update day:

  • Update to Grails 1.3
  • Integration of ShareThis for Facebook, Google+ and more (try it out!)

Finally some more things done here!

Where is the content

5/31/11 9:00 AM CEST

Bah. This weblog lacks content. I really hope to provide some on a regular basis in the next time. Shouldn't be too complicated.
There is a lot of new material. About lots of topics.
So then: Here we go!


3/2/10 6:10 PM CET

The data model that powers this website has been refactored. Everything should run quite a bit faster now.

Have a lot of fun!

Winter brings gifts

2/19/10 3:48 PM CET

Only a small eternity has passed since the last homepage update. But here it is back, with some great news:

The new design finally is online. It's not 100% finished yet, but only small things are missing now.

The code has been ported to  Grails 1.2 and got an extended database schema. Interested in numbers? Have a look:

Domain Classes7168
Tag Libraries1559
Unit Tests17203

As you can see, it still is a quite small project.  Grails makes it possible.

After the bug hunt

9/2/09 3:03 PM CEST

I have used the last few days with a bug hunt. A few bugs did prevent the production use of this website. But finally, one can use the system quite good. I think, the result is quite impressive regarding the small amount of program code:

Domain Classes7168
Tag Libraries1430
Unit Tests16191

This website is still not feature complete, and of course the design will be changed as well.


8/28/09 9:42 PM CEST

Finally. The very first version of my Grails-based web page is online!

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