Winter brings gifts

2/19/10 3:48 PM CET in Everything else

Only a small eternity has passed since the last homepage update. But here it is back, with some great news:

The new design finally is online. It's not 100% finished yet, but only small things are missing now.

The code has been ported to  Grails 1.2 and got an extended database schema. Interested in numbers? Have a look:

Domain Classes7168
Tag Libraries1559
Unit Tests17203

As you can see, it still is a quite small project.  Grails makes it possible.

Bruges at night

9/4/09 2:59 PM CEST in Photography

During my last holiday trip, I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful city of Bruges. Yes, the Bruges as "In Bruges". And I concur: it's really gorgeous! The old town has a stunning atmosphere - and I am looking forward to visiting the city another time.

When I arrived, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tourists. I was not expecting that. On the other hand: It was summer and it was holiday season. I could have been prepared.

I enjoyed my day there a lot and made quite a lot of photographs. On this occasion I present to you some of the night pictures I have been capturing there.

The first picture shows a building at the great market place, right across the Belfroy, which is shown on the second picture.

By the way, as it seems, most tourists only make day trips to Bruges, so in the evening the city was quite nice to roam. I even got a table in a famous beer bar there!

The last two pictures show a few of the lovely canals, that wind through the city.

I hope you enjoyed the photo trip there as much as I did.

After the bug hunt

9/2/09 3:03 PM CEST in Everything else

I have used the last few days with a bug hunt. A few bugs did prevent the production use of this website. But finally, one can use the system quite good. I think, the result is quite impressive regarding the small amount of program code:

Domain Classes7168
Tag Libraries1430
Unit Tests16191

This website is still not feature complete, and of course the design will be changed as well.


8/28/09 9:42 PM CEST in Everything else

Finally. The very first version of my Grails-based web page is online!

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