Major update day

7/1/11 4:25 PM CEST in Everything else

Today is a big update day:

  • Update to Grails 1.3
  • Integration of ShareThis for Facebook, Google+ and more (try it out!)

Finally some more things done here!

Murderous Things

6/1/11 8:00 AM CEST in Photography

It was really great fun, shooting these pictures, even if it was long ago now.
Alicia was really great posing as murderer, her expression came out very strong.
There is a minor thing that is not optimal in these pictures: On some of them, you can see the photographer - and I was too lazy to photoshop these pictures and remove the reflection.
I hope you like the series as well!
These pictures - along with others - as always also in my Flickr-Photostream.

Where is the content

5/31/11 9:00 AM CEST in Everything else

Bah. This weblog lacks content. I really hope to provide some on a regular basis in the next time. Shouldn't be too complicated.
There is a lot of new material. About lots of topics.
So then: Here we go!

Anne in Low-Key

4/17/10 1:00 PM CEST in Photography

Once again, I advanced quite a large step: This blog now also provides the possibility to upload photos in a batch. This will make work much more easy for me.

Some 3 weeks ago I had the opportunity to make some low key photographs with Anne. Although my equipment was not always sufficient to put the light exactly where I wanted it, I think the pictures are worth showing here.

Have fun with it!

Of course, these photographs are also on my Flickr-Photostream.

Cathedrals and Churches

3/22/10 6:30 PM CET in Photography

I do not only make photos in my home city, but also when I am on the road. It seems I like churches and Kathedrals very much. That's why I present a small choice of pictures here.

You will see: Lausanne cathedral, Amiens cathedral, Dome of Aix-la-Chapelle, the Holy Blood Basilic in Bruges and a small, pretty church in nearby Panker. Some of the pictures are HDR processed. Have fun.

Of course, you can see the pictures in my Flickr-Photostream as well!


3/2/10 6:10 PM CET in Everything else

The data model that powers this website has been refactored. Everything should run quite a bit faster now.

Have a lot of fun!

Evil Fae Anne

2/20/10 2:28 PM CET in Photography

Anne and I had made an appointment for a shooting on a short notice. Subject would be "Evil Fae Anne". That's why this post is called that way.

To realise that subject, we decided, to ask Jenny to do make-up and hair. Many thanks to Jenny at this place!

At the same time I wanted to try my new (at least at that point of time) background system during the shooting.

On balance I am quite happy with the photographs. But I think, the aforementioned subject could have been captured better. Well, next time, then.

Without a doubt, a real highlight is the last photograph of this small series. I could not convince my tomcat not to pose for the camera...

Of course, these photographs are also on my Flickr-Photostream.

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